Free Wireless?

Solavei is getting its name everywhere. People is starting talking a lot about Solavei and how this company is changing their lives on what concerns their monthly bills, such as gas, water, electric, home phone, cellphones, car payments, insurance for this and for that... so many bills that anaverage family man/woman faces every month. 

Solavei is helping over a 200 thousand people, and their goal is helping millions of people to benefit from their services.

The company is making their point:
$49 monthly cellphone service with unlimited Voice, Text and Data or you can have it for free. 
FREE or even a monthly income. 

How is that possible? Take some time to know more about Solavei.
What is Solavei and how this was created? 

Solavei Marketplace. What is this all about? 

Solavei Compensation Plan. I love that. 

You can try the service for one month.

 Click to join now.
If you don't like you can always go back to your old provider. You can keep the same number or choose a different one.
Solavei gives you two ways to make an income.

1. Become a cellphone user: Join and pay only $49 every month and Solavei will pay you back $20 a month for every trio (1 trio =3 people). If you can get 18 in your first two months, Solavei will pay you $1,000 bonus every month in addiction of numbers of trios you have.

2. Become a Social Member
Social members are the one who don't want to use Solavei mobile service, but want to make a monthly income with them.
For this case you pay a year contract of $149 and you can invite as many friends you want. For every three friends (3 friends=1 trio) Solavei will pay you $20 every month. You will get a monthly bonus once you have on your network at least 18 trios. More trios = more money.

Join now 

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